Is open innovation for you?

What is most important for you?

To survive in the future, every company must work on process improvement and innovation. Order the items below v by importance (1 = most important; 10 = least important) based on the situation in your own company.

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Continuation of the course: zooming in on chain collaboration

To shape Open Innovation, Chain Collaboration is often required. There is an Original Equipment Manufacturer who wants to develop and market a product. This OEM can collaborate with suppliers for the development, production and life-cycle management of (parts of) the product, always based on the considerations in the previous modules.

That Chain Collaboration can be organized in a number of ways, with different divisions of responsibilities between OEM and supplier. A distinction is made between five models, which are visualized on the right.

In the following modules these models are described, the challenges are considered, examples are given and we ask you to consider which model fits your company.