Fit analysis

If a collaboration is established and a new business model must be implemented, multiple business processes will need to be aligned.


It is important to determine how a partner fits to your organization and should work in the future. A fit analysis includes research in the areas listed below:

(adapted from Porter Lynch, 2001 and Duysters & de Man, 2002, Duysters et al, 2010, Steenbergen, 2017)


Strategic analysis can be divided into:

– vision

– mission

– goals

– financial health partner

– roadmap partner

Organization and operational processes

Organization and operational ‘fit’ of processes can be divided into: alliance maturity, project processes, culture and decision making


There must also be a fit between the resources of companies. Resources can be divided into: technical tools and skills, leadership skills and team maturity


Results can be divided into customer satisfaction, quality, technology benchmarks and financial results, among others.


A simple checklist for assessing the fit with an intended partner can be found in Handboek Alliances by Duysters, Van de Voort & Post (2010)