Together we stand strong

Let’s start with a positive

Together we stand strong

Collaboration with experts is a must for all companies, especially SMEs. In collaboration you are stronger, and you can lean on the expertise, facilities and network of others. Collaboration isn’t always easy and it requires specific skills and attitude.

Strategic collaboration frequently fails.

Did you know that strategic business collaboration is more often NOT successful? It often fails to meet expectations and some collaborations simply don’t get off the ground. Causes for collaboration failure include:

  • Revenue fails to materialize,
  • strategic reorientation of partners,
  • lack of clarity about the division of tasks,
  • investments and distribution of risks-Collisions,
  • between cultures and/or individuals-Disagreement,
  • Over the distribution of revenues-Disagreement,
  • over intellectual property.

Source: Minase (2008)

Obstacles in chain collaboration

The research bureau Praetimus, commissioned by the Brabant Development Agency, conducted a study on chain cooperation in Brabants industry. The study shows that companies – both OEMs and suppliers – see opportunities for further chain collaboration (outsourcing of development, engineering and LCM). In practice, however, it appears that these ‘proponents’ experience a large number of obstacles in taking advantage of these opportunities. Problems are mainly in the area of:

  • Lack of (joint) business and revenue model.
  • Lack of D&E knowledge among suppliers.
  • Lack of orchestrating skills and routines.
Source: Praetimus, 2016